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Chai ka Chaska!!!

In one of my earlier posts I remember writing about how we all need to stop for a moment and enjoy the nature’s beauty. When I clicked this picture below, once again a similar thought came to my mind. The need to stop running the race, sit back and relax. Yes, I do associate sipping a cup of ‘chai’ to relaxing. I am quite open to relishing a cup of tea every now and then, unlike people who have quite a rigid stand against it. The funny part about this latter group is how stern they sound when they refuse an offer for tea. You will always get a robotic reply, “Yaar main chai nahi peeta/peeti.” To me it sounds like, “my mom told me not to talk to strangers.” 🙂


Moving on from choices and preferences. Finally, after very long, I landed at Chaayos. A place which Delhi has welcomed with open arms and has been showering a lot of love on. I am also pretty confident that my next visit will not be far enough. Also, now that they are open in Connaught Place as well, you could surely catch me sitting in the corner quite often.


This was my first visit and just to play little safe, I tried the ‘Desi Chai’ with a few desi add ons . I was keen to draw a comparison with a usual home made tea. Chaayos surely did not disappoint me. It definitely gave me a homely taste and feel. They also give you an option to play with quantity of add ons and milk as per your personal taste. Now once I am done with the basics, I am looking forward to try the Kuhlad Chai and the Pahadi Chai with some Bun Maska the next time I am at Chaayos.

However, the ”Sambossa” did not really live up to my expectations. It gave me quite a train travel feel and taste. Reminded me of my regular Delhi Chandigarh Shatabdi journey. But I am quite willing to let this be an exception and head back to this place.


Chai surely can be relaxing too, just like many other beverages coming in shades of  brown. This one does not even need you to be above 25.  I would recommend this place for some “Chai pe Charcha” to all the people I mocked above and all my buddies who have ‘Chai Ka Chaska’.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever

If I think of the weather, the last two weeks have been really surprising and confusing. Whether to take the blanket or a sheet, whether to switch on the fan or not….such is the weather. It’s like experiencing autumn during spring.

Most of us are not complaining because of the perfect photo op this weather has provided us with. Whether it is the bare trees and the leaves that they have shed or the clouds that are playing a constant hide and seek. All these are examples of the vivid beauty of nature. It is the time of the year to bring out the photographer or even the phoneographer in you. So just stop by and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Gaze at the sky, the tree and the fallen leaf, spare a while away from the trials and all shall be forgotten grief.

2016-03-13 13.41.16.jpg

Not only is this time a visual treat, but also proves to be a treat for the taste buds. Even though I had been appearing for competitive exams for most part of the month that has gone by, there was no time when food was out of mind and out of sight. The perfect weather to enjoy piping hot ‘jalebis’ (pretzels) under dark cloudy skies. The lightest of drizzle making it even more enjoyable. I celebrated the end of my exams with these jalebis made from pure desi ghee. I can vouch for their pure ‘desipan’.  I can happily say that I enjoyed this weather to the best possible I could. This was a wonderful time to visit home and spend time in The City Beautiful. The India Pakistan encounter at Dharamsala would have just been an icing on the cake.

2016-03-12 18.25.57.jpg

Reminiscing about the last few days, I can’t stop myself from adding these few lines by John Keats:

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever;
Its loveliness increases, it will never
pass into nothingness……….”







Time to Hog and Blog…



Hi, Hallo, Ciao, Namaste, Hola, Sat Sri Akal, Aadaab, Bonjour….Welcome to my new blog and ‘the first post’. The excitement is quite similar to the first day at school, college or maybe at work too.

Till last year, I was not even planning to start this blog although my love for food and for the National Capital was just the same. I just had a simple personal Instagram page. Every day, when I was just about to sleep, I used to keep exploring through food pictures that various users posted. Most of these nights I used to sleep thinking about food and with midnight cravings. I also came across a couple of people who shared this love for food. One of them even boasted to be one of the top reviewers on Zomato in Hyderabad. I kept suggesting these guys to start a food blog. My story was still the same, looking at pictures before sleeping and pictures in between my studies. And then, one fine day, the coconut fell on the head. I logged out of my personal Instagram account and was born ‘dudeandthefood’. No thought went into that moment. It was just instant.

During the course of these three months while I have been posting food pictures on Instagram I realised how I needed a blog to express myself much better. It is not only the excitement that’s similar to the first day at school or college but the willingness to learn and stay enthusiastic about what I love to do is the same. Food photography has been a stress buster for me. It’s helps me take a break every week. It helps me be creative and above that be happy.

GoodBye, Au Revoir, Arrivederci, Asta la vista, Adios.